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Hatha Yoga for healthy mobility and strength. Classes with focus on alignment, breath and awareness to bring on your Zen.

The way I teach Yoga is the way I approach it. With the belief that one should practice Yoga, not to become better at Yoga, but to become better at everything else. 

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A bit about me: 

I first walked into a yoga school in India about 20 years ago. Years of messing about with horses, motorcycles and martial arts had left me with a repeatedly dislocating shoulder, a tender back and damaged knees. I thought I'd try yoga as I did not want to be using a cane by the time I was 50. I have been teaching for about 18 years now and am still learning every single day. My inspiration lies not in celebrity instructors or bendy Gurus, but in those students that struggle with work and family, and yet manage to find a few hours a week to breathe and move better. 

The Sun Salutations of Yoga : 7 Traditional Variations


Hatha Yoga Unplugged-Series 2 - 150 classes


Tough Stuff - Yoga for Strength / Strength for Yoga


Yoga For The Month - A (streaming)

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